pH Sensor Kit - Atlas Scientific
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pH Sensor Kit - Atlas Scientific

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pH Sensor Kit - Atlas Scientific

The Atlas Scientific PH Sensor Kit is a 6th generation embedded pH circuit. This EZO class pH circuit, offers the highest level of stability and accuracy.

With proper configuration, the EZO class pH circuit, can meet, or exceed the accuracy and precision found in most benchtop laboratory grade pH meters. The pH-EZO pH circuit, can work with any off-the-shelf pH probe/ sensor/electrode.

What's Included :
1x EZO pH Circuit
1x scientific grade silver/silver chloride pH Probe.
3x 125ml (4oz) calibration solutions (pH 4, pH 7 and pH 10)
1x 125ml (4oz) pH storage solution
1x Pre-Assembled Female BNC connector
1x pH deca

Specifications : 

pH Circuit
Two data protocols
UART asynchronous serial connectivity
(RX/TX voltage swing 0-VCC)
I2C (default I2C address 0x63)
Compatible with any microprocessor that supports UART, or I2C protocol
Operating voltage: 3.3V to 5V
Works with any off-the-shelf pH probe

Sleep mode power consumption
0.995mA at 3.3V

pH Probe
pH Range: 0-14 (Na+ error at >12.3 pH)
Operating temperature: 1°C - 99°C
Max Pressure: 690 kPa (100PSI)
Max Depth 60 M (197 ft)
Cable length: 1 Meter
Weight: 49 grams
Speed of response: 95% in 1 second
Isopotential point: pH 7.00 (0 mV)
Dimensions 12mm X 150mm (1/2" X 6")
BNC connector

Typical Applications
Standard Lab use
Field use
Low ionic and ultra-pure water
High pH Solutions (up to 14pH)
Samples containing Heavy metals
Photography Development
Beer, wine and other liquor
Food Safe