Dissolved Oxygen Kit - Atlas Scientific
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Dissolved Oxygen Kit - Atlas Scientific

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Dissolved Oxygen Kit - Atlas Scientific

  • Atlas Scientific Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit includes EZO Dissolved Oxygen Circuit, Probe, Calibration Solution and Female Pre-Assembled BNC connector, Dissolved Oxygen decal for high accuracy D.O. readings.
  • Dissolved Oxygen Probe is perfect calibration equipment for Hydroponics, Standard Lab use, Field use, Fish keeping, Wine making, Food Safe, Mixed aqueous/organic, Samples containing Heavy metals and Environmental monitoring.
  • This Dissolved Oxygen EZO Circuit offers the highest level of stability and accuracy. Dissolved Oxygen Circuit is a highly compact D.O. monitoring system that fits into any breadboard. The Dissolved Oxygen EZO circuit can work with any off-the-shelf galvanic HDPE dissolved oxygen probe.
  • Dissolved Oxygen Circuit is used to confirm that Dissolved Oxygen Probe is working properly, it is used to calibrate the low end of the oxygen scale. Solution designed for calibrating both Polarography and galvanic dissolved oxygen sensors.
  • Full range dissolved oxygen readings from 0.01 to +35.99 mg/L. Accurate dissolved oxygen readings down to the hundreds place (+/- 0.2). Readings are temperature & Conductivity dependent or independent. Single reading or continuous reading modes.

• 1 EZO™ Dissolved Oxygen Circuit
• 1 Dissolved Oxygen Probe
• 1 125ml (4oz) 0 Dissolved Oxygen calibration solution 
   (used to confirm that the D.O. is working properly)
• 1 Pre-Assembled Female BNC connector
• 1 Basic EZO™ Inline Voltage Isolator (optional)
   Probe Max Pressure: 3,447 kPa (500PSI) 
   Probe Max Depth: 343 meters (1,125 ft)   
   Probe Weight: 51 grams   

Female BNC Spec
Thread Size 1/4" - 36 UNS Thread type