Dissolved Oxygen Probe - Atlas Scientific
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Dissolved Oxygen Probe - Atlas Scientific

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Dissolved Oxygen Probe - Atlas Scientific

The Dissolved Oxygen probe reacts with oxygen in the water, the more oxygen it reacts with the more the probe is depleted of its electrolyte solution.

  • Atlas Scientific's dissolved oxygen probe is perfect test equipment for hydroponics system, winemaking, food safe, lab use & field use, fish keeping, mixed aqueous/organic, samples containing heavy metals, environmental monitoring.
  • Dissolved oxygen probes are used in a variety of applications to assist in monitoring the amount of oxygen present in water. Salinity & temperature factor that must be taken into account when reading dissolved oxygen. Dissolved oxygen is expressed in mg/L.
  • Scientific grade dissolved oxygen probe, also called a sensor or electrode, measures the DO of a substance and is commonly used for testing water quality such as wastewater, saltwater, groundwater, or drinking water. Dissolved oxygen probe features two replaceable membrane caps with sealed O-rings for easy to maintenance.
  • Dissolved oxygen probe use with galvanic dissolved oxygen meters, transmitters, and controllers. Dissolved oxygen probe can be fully submerged in fresh water or salt water, up to the BNC connector indefinitely. Dissolved oxygen probe is a passive device that generates a small voltage from 0mv to 47mv depending on the oxygen saturation of the HDPE sensing membrane. This voltage can easily be read by a multimeter or an analogue to digital converter.
  • Specifications: Dimensions: 16.5mm X 116mm (0.65" X 4.57"). Range: 0-35 mg/L. Weight: 52 grams. Max Temperature: 50°C. Max Pressure: 690 kPa (100PSI). Max Depth 60 M (197 ft). Single point calibration in the air. Epoxy and Noryl body material makes them virtually unbreakable. Cable length: 1 Meter with BNC Connector.


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