IQFM-EX Industrial Electromagnetic Flow Meter
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IQFM-EX Industrial Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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IQFM-EX Industrial Electromagnetic Flow Meter

IQFM-EX series are our popular Electromagnetic Flow Meter for general industrial applications and are not only notable for their compact design, but they also offer excellent quality at competitive pricing.

Our IQFM-EX Industrial Electromagnetic Flow Meters provide a long-term, consistent and stable performance with high accuracy. The level of accuracy required, the flow rate range, the housing material, the connection types as well as the output signals will vary based on application unique requirements.


  • Flange type: DN6~DN1600
  • Flange, Sanitary, Threaded, Clamping type available
  • Optional Battery-powered, solar-powered

The working principle of Electromagnetic Flow meters is based on Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction, that is, when the conductive liquid flows through the electromagnetic flow meter, the induced electromotive force will be produced in the liquid conductor, and the induced electromotive force is directly proportional to the velocity of conductive liquid, magnetic flux density and width of conductor (interior diameter of flow meter). Such induced electromotive force is detected by a pair of electrodes on the tube wall of the flow meter, and the equation of induced electromotive force is as follows: U = K×B×V×D U: Induced electromotive force K: Instrument Constant B: Magnetic flux density V: Velocity D: Interior diameter of measuring pipe.

Electromagnetic flow meters can be only used for conductive liquid media. They are wildy used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, water supply and drainage, steel, coal, paper, food, textile, environmental protection and other municipal administration, water conservancy construction field, etc.

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