IQLT-C Industrial Chemical Fluid Level Transmitter Sensor
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IQLT-C Industrial Chemical Fluid Level Transmitter Sensor

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IQLT-C Industrial Chemical Fluid Level Transmitter Sensor

IQLT-C is our industrial chemical fluid level transmitter and is ATEX approved, suitable for fuel storage tanks like gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and chemical storage tanks like methanol, ethanol, lubricating oil, diesel exhaust fluid.

  • Fully welded structure, FFKM sealing ring and various cables like PUR, PFA optional
  • Output mode: 4mA~20mA, 1V~5V, 0.5V~4.5V...RS485-Modbus, etc.
  • Magnetic end cap for mobile tanks measurement and NPT1/4 male thread connection for side mounting of tank bottom
  • Low power consumption
  • ATEX Certified

IQLT-C Series includes two models, IQLT-C-PC and IQLT-C-PF. IQLT-C-PC is mostly used in chemical liquid level monitoring scenarios. IQLT-C-PF is more suitable for product oil level monitoring. These two products can also be widely used in applications requiring high corrosion resistance, explosion-proof performance, and protection performance, such as petroleum and petrochemical, vehicles, mining, and chemical industries. This series of level transmitters provides an effective solution for tank level monitoring, control and overflow protection.



  • Special for fuel and chemicals measuring
  • Support pressure, liquid level, temperature measurement
  • Various output formats are optional
  • Low power consumption, low maintenance cost
  • CSA, IECEX, ATEX international explosion-proof certification

Link to LQLT-C Datasheet