IQOP Industrial ORP Sensor Modbus RS485
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IQOP Industrial ORP Sensor Modbus RS485

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IQOP Industrial ORP Sensor Modbus RS485


Technical Specifications:


  ORP measurement range   -2000..2000mV
  Resolution   0.01 mV
  Measurement accuracy    ±0.01 mV 
  Temperature measurement range   0....60℃
  Resolution   0.1℃
  Temperature measurement accuracy    ±0.3℃
  Compensation mode   Automatic/manual
  Signal output    420mA adjustabie/three-wire
  Current accuracy   1%FS
  Output load   Less than 750Ω
  Data communication   Rs4854 MODBUS-RTU
  Working power   24VDC,12VDC(recommended)5VDC
  Working humidity   Relatve hurnidity<90%
  Withstand voltage range   0...3bar
  Shell material   ABS
  Sensitive film number   H1020
  Process connections   M39*1.5
  Electrical connections   Direct outlet with 5m cable
  Electrode protective sleeve   Have
  Protection Class   IP68
  Weight    0.5kg


IQOP ORP Sensor Datasheet

IQOP ORP Sensor User Guide