IQTT-C Industrial Temperature Transmitting Controller
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IQTT-C Industrial Temperature Transmitting Controller

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IQTT-C Industrial Temperature Transmitting Controller

IQTT-C is our Temperature Transmitting Controller and is a digital insrument integrating temperature measurement, display, transmitting and control, which can directly measure the temperature of various liquids, gases and solid surface in the range of -200℃~500℃, and output the switching signals. It adopts a high-precision and high-reliability temperature sensor, combined with a digital signal processed by high-precision and low-temperature drift amplification. And also it could control 2-way switch after siganl calculation so as to realize the measure and control of the temperature system in real time.

  • LED display
  • Digital instrument, easy calibration
  • Combination of measurement, transmitter, and control
  • High precision, high stability, high reliability
  • Customization available, mass production

Link to LQTT-C Datasheet


    • Range: -200℃ ...0℃~ 500℃
    • Power supply: 16V ~ 30V DC (typical value 24V DC) 10V ~ 30V DC (without current output)
    • Accuracy: ±0.5%FS (FS ≥ 100℃ ), ±0.5℃ (FS < 100℃ )
    • Output signal: 2-relay output 2-relay output +4mA ~ 20mA DC
    • Display: 4-digit LED display
    • Insulation resistance: ≥ 50MΩ@500V DC
    • Maximum power consumption: ≤ 3.5W
    • Load capacity: Relay 250V/3A AC or 30V/3A DC
    • Contact life:> 106 times
    • Control rate: 40 times/S
    • Long-term stability: ±0.1%FS/year
    • Working temperature: -30℃~ 70℃
    • Storage temperature: -40℃~ 120℃
    • Degree of protection: IP65
    • Temperature sensing element: PT100, PT1000 thermocouple