IQNS Industrial Noise Sensor
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IQNS Industrial Noise Sensor

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IQNS Industrial Noise Sensor


  • Wall-mounted shell, easy to install
  • High measurement accuracy and fast response speed
  • Range up to 30~120dB
  • Communication method: Modbus RTU communication protocol, RS485 digital output

Technical Parameters:

 Default range  30~120dB     20Hz~12.5kHz
 Signal output  Analog signal         4~20mA/0~5VDC/0~10VDC
 Digital signal        RS485 output (Modbus protocol)
 Operating Voltage  10~30VDC  Note: 0~10VDC output (24VDC power supply)
 Power consumption  Analog signal (voltage/current maximum power consumption 1.2W)
 Maximum power consumption of digital signal 0.4W
 Precision  3%FS
 Frequency weighting  A weighting
 Response time  ≤2s
 Mike wind  Condenser microphone
 Electrical connections  Direct lead
 Working environment  -20℃ ~+60℃, 10%~90% (working humidity)



IQNS Noise Sensor Datasheet

IQNS Noise Sensor User Manual