IQSS-5 Soil five-in-one sensor TH, EC, Salinity, TDS
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IQSS-5 Soil five-in-one sensor TH, EC, Salinity, TDS

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IQSS-5 Soil five-in-one sensor, Soil Temperature, Volume Water Content, Conductivity (EC value), Salinity, TDS

IQSS-5 is an industrial integrated soil sensor that measure five parameters including Soil Temperature, Volume Water Content, Conductivity (EC value), Salinity, TDS.

Product features: 

  • Five-in-one sensor
  • High data transmission efficiency
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Excellent sealing, corrosive resistance
  • Measure temperature, humidity and salt content at different depths

Technical Parameters:

  Measurement parameters

  Soil temperature, soil volume water content,

  Soil conductivity (EC value), soil salinity, soil TDS

  Temperature range   −30~85℃
  Water content range   0~100%
  Conductivity range   0~20mS/cm
  Supply voltage   12~24VDC
  Soil salinity   0~10000mg/kg
  Soil TDS   0~10000mg/kg
  Electrical connections   Direct lead
  Scope of work   −40℃~80℃
  Stable schedule   3 seconds after power on
  Response time   ≤1 second
  Sealing material   ABS engineering plastic, epoxy resin
  Probe Length   55mm
  Probe diameter   3mm
  Measurement accuracy   Temperature: ±0.5℃; Humidity: ±3% (0~50%), ±5% (51~100);
  Conductivity: ±3%; Salinity: ±3%; TDS: ±3%
  Resolution   Temperature: ±0.1℃; Humidity: ±0.1% (0~50%), ±1% (51~100);
  Conductivity: 10us/cm; Salinity: 5mg/kg; TDS: 5mg/kg
  Output signal   Rs485 (standard Modbus-RTU protocol, device default address: 01)



IQSS-5 Datasheet

IQSS-5 User Manual